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on 09/11/2016 at in  Tutoring
Providing health studies tutoring in the south of the river area...
- Able to provide assistance in rectifying any knowledge gaps in course.
- Able to prepare students in Yr 11 and Y12
- Available during the summer holiday period to prepare students for the upcoming year
- Comes with indepth knowledge of health studies
- Able to provide many resources, tests, assignments and notes
- Achieved an A in health studies
- Attached image is my grades for all assessments in health studies this year (please disregard the 50% mark as I did not study for that assessment...)  

$15/hr if you live close to me 
$20/hr for further away
- negotiable 


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    Hi there is this still available? I live in Canningvale and i just wanted to have a look at your resources like your previous assignments if u still have them? I am at the moment working on a Health Advocacy project and want to know if u still have yours!! :)
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    Studentbox User
    Are you still available for tutoring?
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