How are you preparing for the school year?

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School goes back this week! How are you preparing for the year?

Remember that we have plenty of resources available to help you get through, including:
Got a question or looking for something that's not already here? Create a new discussion post. It's likely someone in the Studentbox community will be able to help you out :)

Good luck for the new school year from the whole Studentbox team!


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    Min here.

    I am quite desperate for Year 11 Past notes and papers for the following subjects
    English ATAR,
    Human Bio ATAR,
    Psychology ATAR,
    Phys Ed ATAR,
    Chemistry ATAR 
    Maths Methods ATAR.

    Please contact me if you have resources available, I will be very grateful

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    Hi @Minteee  - I replied to your thread, let me know if it was helpful! :) Carmen

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