How is ATAR Calculated?

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According to what I have been told over the past years, ATAR is calculated by your top four scaled subjects. However, recently I have been told that the four subjects used to calculate ATAR must include English even if it isn't one of your top four scaled subjects. If persay then I scored 70 in English, 75 in Physics, 80 in Chemistry, Maths and History, does that mean the subjects used to calculate my ATAR would be, Chemistry, Maths, History and English? This information was given to me from a HSC information video. So perhaps this isn't for WACE? Does anyone know for certain?



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    My name is Pete and I work as a Future Student Advisor at Curtin University.

    Your English ATAR subject will only be used in the calculation if it is one of your top 4 scaled subjects. If you have completed 4 ATAR subjects and one is English ATAR then it is obviously used in the calculation. However if a student has completed 5 or 6 ATAR subjects and their English ATAR scaled mark is lower then their best 4 then it will not be used to calculate the ATAR.

    Students who are studying a Language other than English (LOTE) receive an additional 10% as explained at the following link:

    For further information about the ATAR check out the Student Box 'ATAR Calculator Guide':

    Please let me know if you have any further questions about the ATAR or pathways to University!



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    Awesome, thanks a lot Pete!
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