How do I writing long essays

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Hello, im doing modern history atart and I need help writing a 4 to 5 body paragraphs essay in about 45 mins. I'm currently writing 3 paragraphs and would like to write more.


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    My tips would be
    1) Practice with a time limit
    2) As soon as you get into the test, write a quick plan
    3) Make your paragraphs concise and to the point

    Hope this helps  :)
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    Phone autocorrect stop please
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    Hi Happy,
    Check out these posts and see if they help you: ; and ...heaps of tips and guidance in there.
    Good luck!

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    My tips are:
    1) Have the right mindset (whether its meditation or relaxation)
    2) Be familiar with the question (understand and make meaning of the question by underlining key words)
    3) Be familiar with the text (read the text thoroughly, analyse and annotate)
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    They are great tips, @noelemmanuel! Thanks for sharing :-)
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    I'm not doing Modern History, although I will say that following a good paragraph structure and having the right amount of points does help. If you need to write 5 body paragraphs, then you need 5 points. Sometimes they can be difficult to come up with, but the same point should never be written about in two paragraphs (although I'm sure you know that).

    For paragraph structure, most teachers at my school recommend TEEEL (Topic, elaboration, example, explanation, link) however, my English teacher told me about SEPLC and I only lost 3 marks on my history essay last year (Year 10)

    S - Statement. The same as a 'topic sentence', however thinking of it in terms of a statement makes it more complex and has the chance of getting more marks.
    E - Elaboration. Showing your understanding of the statement and adding more to it if necessary (can be a few sentences)
    P - Proof. Evidence to support your statement. Better than 'example' because it is proving, not demonstrating.
    L - Link. Link the proof back to the statement.
    C - Conclusion. A concluding sentence that links the paragraph back to the thesis statement.

    Also, speaking of thesis statements, another way to get paragraphs quickly is to have a good thesis statement that sets you up for each paragraph. Having the points of most of the paragraphs put in the thesis will help you with your writing definitely. 
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