What language is the best/most valuable to study in high school?

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Are European languages still relevant to study?

What languages are most effective for careers in business?



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    Hi James,

    My name is Pete and i work as a Future Student Advisor at Curtin University.

    Speaking two or more languages can be a great asset in the business world.
    Deciding what second language you want to learn really comes down to what you hope to do in business.

    To my knowledge English is the most common 'official' language with a recognised status in over 50 countries around the world. French, Spanish and Arabic are also widely recognised in different countries...However Mandarin is the language with the most native speakers around the world!

    Do you have some ideas of different areas of business that you like? do you see yourself working or living overseas at any point in the future? European languages may be relevant to you if there is a specific country or region you hope you do business with or live in - in the future.

    Curtin offer Japanese and Chinese (Mandarin) language courses. as published Curtin's "Asian language courses are designed to teach both language and cultural/communicative studies. With much of the world’s social and economic growth occurring in Asia, undertaking a degree in this area will provide you with the required skills and knowledge for employment opportunities in Australia and Asia."

    To see how you can combine business and language (Commerce & Arts) at Curtin please see the following link:

    Let me know if you would like any further information!




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