My Story: My Petroleum Engineering journey to Curtin

Posted by Studentbox user
on 23/05/2017 at in  Student ambassadors

I’m Blake and I’m in my 3rd year of a Petroleum Engineering degree at Curtin. I find the course thoroughly enjoyable as it combines my interests in various sciences and allows me to apply it to real life situations.

I graduated from Trinity College in 2013 and was fortunate to receive the Engineering Excellence and Principals Recommendation Scholarships on entry to Curtin. I sit on the Guild corporate services committee, and for a while worked on the ‘Curtin Calling’ project, where I was involved in a team which called all new students to Curtin to make them feel welcome and provide them with information on how to settle into life at university. In my spare time I like walking my dog Benji along the Canning River, reading poetry and listening to classical music.

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