My Story: Chem Eng, Commerce and exciting opportunities at uni

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Hey there! My name is Devalina and I am currently in my third year of my double degree in Chemical Engineering and Commerce, after graduating from St Hilda’s in 2014.

What I find interesting about my double degree is that I get a taste of both the science and maths world that comes with engineering as well as the business world that comes with commerce. My course is diverse and I meet a broad range of people with different interests so my university days are never boring!

Outside of my studies, I really love to be involved in opportunities that university has to offer around campus. You’ll often see me volunteering at big campus events such as Open Day, Orientation Week or Careers Fair. I am also involved in two committees at Curtin, mentoring new students, and even have a part-time job on campus with fun activities run by Curtin Student Guild. I love the idea of participating in new and exciting opportunities, being part of the Curtin community, creating a network of friends and developing my skills in fun, memorable ways!

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