My Story: The freedom that uni allows has enabled me to ...

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Hi Guys! My name is Hope, and I am currently in my final year of a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology Pre-Clinical. I chose this degree when I finished high school in order to prepare me for post graduate medical studies, which I am hoping to commence next year. I love my degree because of the depth we go into, and the practical aspects it contains. 

The freedom that university allows has enabled me to participate in a range of different activities outside of my degree. I have played social and competitive sport, volunteered with Curtin Volunteers, worked part time allowing me to travel during my semester breaks, and helped organise a charity concert as part of a leadership program in my second year. From my university experience so far, my main pieces of advice for prospective students are to firstly, choose to study something you are truly passionate about, and secondly, get involved with university life! University really is a great environment to be in and there are opportunities for everyone if you choose to seek them out.


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    Hi Hope, I am thinking about doing medicine as a postgraduate in the future. However, as an undergraduate is needed i want to know more about this degree, do you have any handy information? Also, what are your job opportunities if you decide you no longer want to do medicine?

    thanks! :smile: 
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