My Story: My journey to Speech Pathology

Posted by Studentbox user
on 24/05/2017 at in  Student ambassadors

Hi! I’m Sofie and I’m a second year Speech Pathology Student at Curtin, although this is my fourth year here, after starting in 2014. I came straight to uni from high school and started in a double major in Performance Studies and Literary and Cultural Studies, with the end goal of going to WAAPA after finishing my first degree at Curtin, to study Music Theatre.

Around one year in I had a vocal injury and I couldn’t talk, but I stuck with it. At the two year mark I realized this wasn’t for me and decided to change into Speech Pathology. In order to get into Speech Pathology, I had to go via Health Science and achieve highly competitive grades to qualify. I spent one semester in Health Science and achieved the required marks, and course switched again and finally into Speech Pathology. I’m now almost half way through my Speech Pathology degree, and I hope to go into Paediatric Speech Pathology when I finish.

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