My Story: Why I chose to study Architecture at Curtin

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on 24/05/2017 at in  Student ambassadors

I’m currently a second-year architecture student at Curtin University. I graduated from Trinity College in 2015 and since I’d wanted to be an architect since year 3, it was a natural decision to study it at university. I chose Curtin because it has WA’s best architecture school and it only takes fifteen minutes to cycle there from home. Coming to Curtin, I was lucky enough to receive the John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship, the Principle’s Recommendation Award and the Ted Maslin Memorial Prize. At school, I loved extra-curricular activities, volunteering, and chances to push myself out of my comfort zone: these scholarships have helped me keep doing this at university. Through the Curtin Volunteers! program I’ve gone bald for the World’s Greatest Shave, dressed as an astronaut to raise money for Princess Margret Hospital and helped at the Gingin Gravity Discovery Centre for John Curtin Weekend. I’m currently planning for a scholarship-funded exchange, where I’ll study for six months at Kingston University, London.

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