My Story: Uni is a great place to have the time of your life!

Posted by Studentbox user
on 24/05/2017 at in  Student ambassadors
Hey guys, my name is Yassie. I graduated from Penrhos College in 2014 and after much indecision I settled on Curtin University which I believe was the best choice for me. I had little idea of what I wanted to study and about an hour before my choices were due I selected Commerce.

Before settling on my major of Information Systems and my Minor of Management, I changed my mind multiple times about what I wanted to major in. Almost every online system we use- to do online banking, online shopping, purchasing plane tickets, watching Netflix is an Information Systems. My role includes analysing, updating and occasionally writing code for new or current systems. We work in coordination with business owners and software designers to develop the safest, most practical and usable systems. I thoroughly enjoy the Information Security side of my degree and hope to pursue a career in Cyber/Information Security.

Uni is a great place to pursue your interests, find yourself and last but not least- have the time of your life! Goodluck and go get em
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