What if I get stuck on a question?

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What if i get stuck?

Getting stuck on a question in an exam is frustrating and stresses you out big time. Below are a few tips to help you avoid stressing out and maximise your potential exam mark:

  • Don't allow yourself to get stuck on one question, move on and go back to it later when you've answered other questions. Answering other questions can help you focus and builds confidence. If you are still struggling with the question, list down the key points you want to get across to get extra marks
  • Be astute, often there is information given in one question that may help you answer another
  • If you run out of time on a particular question and you still haven't finished, write down key words, equations and diagrams to show the examiner that you know the essential information.
  • Allocate time according to marks. A question worth 10% of the total marks should be given 10% of the time available.

Reference: 'Treading Water When the Sharks are Circling; Practical Study Skills for Secondary Students' – Dr. Jim Elliot, Manager Support Services, Curtin University of Technology.
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