In the WACE examination for year 12, is Unit 1 and 2 included or only unit 3 and 4?

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on 05/08/2017 at in  ATAR/WACE
I am currently a year 11 student and next year I will be sitting the WACE exam for my ATAR subjects. I wanted to know if in the WACE exam unit 1 and 2 are included or only unit 3 and 4 included. I have heard my teachers say only unit 3 and 4 are included but for past years units, 1-4 were included. Please clear my confusion.


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    Hi @Tabassum ;
     Only unit 3 and 4 are tested on. I'm currently in yr 12 and will be sitting WACE so don't worry. 
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    Thanks for replying Ridhi :)
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