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hello i was wondering if for human biology, if i like studied only what was in the syllabus I will get a good mark because numerous people told me the pathway to success in your atar was basically just studying what is in the syllabus because the book contains extra information, is that true?


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    Hey, um i would say that it is most important to know every point in the syllabus in detail so a good method for me ( finished yr 12 last yr) was to print it out and be able to verbally explain each point covered and then i would tick it off however in order to do this i needed some extra context which the textbook provided! so basically know the syllabus but it helps to know the " extra detail" so it makes more sense! You're not going to be able to memorize everything so the key is understanding the theory behind it more so than the examples. There is also a lot of unnecessary and sometimes confusing info in the textbook so I would go by the rule of if it helps explain the syllabus point learn it, if not then don't :) hope that helped! 
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    Past papers + syllabus checklist for every top 4/subject you want to do well in
    For math and science subjects I'd say focus more on paper papers/question answering
    For humanities/bio's syllabus
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    My suggestion is that don't just focus on what is in syllabus also focus on that little extra information that is given in textbooks. They have included for us to understand the concept even better. Yes, you should definitely deeply focus on the points of the syllabus but also learn that little extra information. Remember the more extra information you provide to the answer, there is a higher possibility of getting extra marks as long as the information is relevant to the question being asked. I would suggest if you do not have enough time then focus on the syllabus points. Also, do practice papers or like ask yourself questions and try to answer them. The more you know the better :) I hope this helps and good luck :)
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