How hard is yr 12 Maths Spec?

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on 13/09/2017 at in  ATAR/WACE
Hi all,

Just wondering how much harder year 12 maths specialist is than year 11? I'm averaging about a 70-75 currently in year 11; is this sufficient to do ok in the year 12 course?  I've heard that year 12 is a lot more fast paced... is the jump that big?

Thanks :)


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    Although, I do not really do specialist maths but as you have metioned that specialist in year 12 is very fast paced then I  would suggest that you start learning everything in advance which would help you out a lot. Learning everything beforehand and knowing everything will give you an advantage. When in class they go over that same topic, you would have already known it by then. In class if you don't understand a concept , maybe ask your teacher for help then :) I can understand year 12 is quite demanding and hard so maybe start learning things beforehand which can be very helpful. 
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    Goodluck for year 12 :)
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    I messed around all of year 10 math and failed the semester 2 exam
    I only picked methods initially
    I worked my ass off for a couple months catching up methods and spec and picked up spec really late (special consideration)
    Doing well in both, spec difficulty is over rated if you study at least an hour a night and are reasonably bright/gifted
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    It's much a lot harder than year 11 mate. But if you're averaging 70-75, you'll do alright just make sure you use OT Lee, not Sadler.
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