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Hi guys,

I am a 20 year old female who graduted with a high ATAR after highschool and have maintained D's and HDs for all my university units to date. I am well acustom to sitting exams and remember very vividly studying and sitting WACE exams. It is a super scary time I won't lie but this stress can definitely be alleviated with a handful of simple and easy techniques I would love to teach to you. I charge $40 an hour and offer specialised and personalised services specifically for sitting exams, this includes:

- personalized subject study plans for the weeks leading to your exams

- unit outline emphasis and anaylsis

- exam time management

- stress management

- answering the question properly!!

- condensing your notes

- HOW to study

- WHAT to study

TEXT ME ON 0421 623 211

<3 Sof

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