Didn't get the ATAR you wanted? Alternative pathways may be an option for you

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Hi all,

Congratulations to everyone who sat their WACE exams, for those who didnt get the ATAR score you were hoping, and are not eligible for University Entrance, you might want to consider some of the below Alternate Pathways:

STAT - Written English ONLY

If you met the minimum ATAR requirements, but did not pass ATAR English, you could be eligible to sit the STAT Written English section. The University Admission Advice Letter (UAAL) should have information about an invitation to sit the STAT test to satisfy the English Competency requirement, as the TISC team make sure that they have spare seats available for people in your situation. 

Portfolio Entry 
Portfolio entry is an alternative entry pathway that is available for selected courses for people who can demonstrate equivalence to Curtin’s ATAR entry through the submission of a portfolio that demonstrates evidence of your academic achievements, qualifications and ability.
Portfolio entry is open to school leavers and non-school leavers. It is ideal for you if you:
 - are a school leaver who is not eligible for an ATAR
- are a school leaver who has an ATAR but who may not or did not receive an offer based on your ATAR
More information about portfolio entry, including how to apply, can be found at the following link:

UniReady Enabling Program
Successfully completing this short six months entry pathway program can qualify you for a range of undergraduate degrees at Curtin – and you can study it on campus, fully online, or a combination of both.

More information about UniReady can be seen at the following link:

For any further enquiries regarding this course, please contact UniReady on 9266 7632 or email

Enabling Course in Science, Engineering and Health
This one year course is designed to provide foundation studies for students intending to undertake Science, Engineering or Health degrees, and who do not have the required background. The course is delivered through a combination of study at Curtin and at Canning or Tuart College. On successful completion of the Enabling Course you are able to apply for courses in the Science, Engineering or Health areas.

For further information on the Enabling Course in Science, Engineering and Health, please follow this link:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing you all in 2018

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