Five things you might not know about ATAR

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on 14/07/2016 at in  Exam resources
  1. It’s impossible to get an ATAR of 100 because it’s a ranking, not a score.
    To get 100 would mean you’ve beaten 100 per cent of your cohort, including yourself! If scores went in increments of 0.01, it would be possible to score 99.99, but increments of 0.05 make the rankings more manageable for universities.
  2. Your ATAR remains valid for life. 
    You can use it to apply to study at university regardless of your age, provided it meets the entry requirements for your course.
  3. Nationally, the median ATAR in 2014 was 68.95.
  4. You can find out how well your school performed in the 2015 WACE results.
  5. Getting a low ATAR isn’t the end of the world. 
    These days, universities offer many different ways to get in, including portfolio entry, where you’re able to prove you have what it takes by showing examples of your work, as well as enabling programs and bridging courses that get you up to speed if you narrowly missed out.

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