How do I work out my scaled result

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All of the calculators ask for your scaled result. But I can't find out anywhere that tells me what each subject usually gets scaled by, either up or down. I am doing: Chem, English, Maths Methods, Psychology and Human Biol


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    I completely agree with you I need to know which subjects get scaled up and down and by how much
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    Hey guys! Great question, scaling is super confusing; TISC describe the process here http//

    This calculator here uses your estimated score to calculate your ATAR based on the scaling from the previous year. This way you don't have to figure out the scaled mark yourself! Hope it helps :)
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    Hi Reese, scaling ranges from school to school as it depends on how your group actually does. The best way to find a (slightly) reliable idea of what scaling is like at your school is by asking your teachers what it was in the previous year. I coincidentally am doing similar classes to you, my schools scaling for those subjects is as follows.

    Chemistry - no scaling
    English - down 4
    Methods - up 2 with a ten percent loading (add two to your result and then add one tenth of it)
    Human Biology - down 6
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