Subject Selection HELP !!

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on 28/06/2018 at in  Year 10
Hi, I'm having a really hard time to figure out what subjects to select for next year for ATAR.
The ATAR subjects I would like to do are:
 - Chemisry
-Math Apps
-Human Bio
Plus, 1 cert, which is Certificate II Business I want to do only five ATAR subjects don't know which one o choose. Plus, i want be a radiologist.


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    think about what subjects you enjoy the most and which ones you think you're capable of doing, but based on your career aspiration, I think you could either not do economics, and maybe human biology/chemistry.

    Human bio might seem important to be a radiologist but it normally isn't a prerequisite for most courses.

    Good luck xx
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    I'm no math genius, but I've found math apps relatively easy to cope with. I'm very thankful I chose it, as (personally) I've found it's quite easy to keep up with, and is the right mix of easy and challenging content. Lots of my friends in methods (most of them really good at math) said it's quite difficult and they regret not choosing apps.
    I also do human bio, and oh boy is it a lot of content. I believe the content isn't actually WAY too hard to understand, it's just the memorising part that gets people. It takes a lot of study and effort. I personally have found it a little difficult to keep up with. But some of my friends are doing quite well.
    Hope this helps!! :)
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