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Hey guys
so I am in year 10 I need to choose my subjects soon. I am debating on English ATAR and Lit. At the moment I am doing pre-lit and getting around 65%. In English I usually get around 68-72%. So I was wondering if my lit score would get scaled up higher than my English score as I heard English gets scaled down a bit and lit gets scaled up a lot.


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    Hey, sorry if this is a bit too late. I'll start by saying that you should choose between them by seeing which you actually prefer, this will help with study and doing work generally. Both courses are different, for example in an English exam there are three sections, responding (essay), comprehending (three short answers) and composing. In a lit exam it just focuses on writing essays which are far more complex than those in the English course. By now i'm sure you know the difference between the two courses when it comes to content and you should choose between them for which suits your skills.

    Scaling is a very very painful thing, it is decided by the results of your class, your result and the average result of the state. It is a very complex thing but basically, it varies every year randomly depending on how people do. At my school (i'm in year 12) English is scaled down about 4 points while literature is either not scaled or goes up one.

    Overall in your case, your marks would (after scaling) be at about the same point. Keep in mind year 10 results are not at all a representation of how you will do in year 12.
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    Cool thx for the great advice
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