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Hey guys I have decided to take the following subjects
1. Spec 
2. Methods 
5. Physics 
7.Human BIO 

My plan is to do these for a semester to a year. Basically I will drop Re if it isn't in my top 4, and ill drop physics or human bio whichever I am doing worse at. So in year 12 I will have 5-6 subjects. Could I just get feedback on this plan from you guys. THX


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    Hi 20dharmsri, I'm doing pretty similar subjects as you (I'm currently in year 12). If you can manage through spec and methods I really suggest it as they are subjects with very beneficial scaling and weighting. For all the remaining subjects excluding literature the difficulty really rises in year 12. While you may be flying through them all I can guarantee that the difficulty of what you are currently doing is nothing to what you will do. Religion for one transforms from something easy to a weird history/english course with a bit more writing, because of this even if it is in your top 4 I kind of suggest leaving it alone as what you are doing currently is not an indicator of what you will be doing. Basically what I recommend overall is to just drop whatever subject you may develop a disliking for throughout the year because it will make study so much easier when it actually matters.
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    Hi, third year Curtin uni student here.
    The best advice I can provide is to study what you need to study, and then what you want to study. If you already know what degree you want to pursue at university, it is best to find out if they have any pre-requisites, and then take those subjects. If you are lucky and you can also pick a few extra subjects, pick the ones you like. Not only will year 11 and 12 be a little better for it, but usually the subjects you like, you tend to be better at. Those are usually the best options. 

    In terms of your plan, you will figure out pretty quickly what subjects you want to continue doing for the rest of year 11 and 12, and I recommend talking to your school seniors about the quality of the teachers and success rates of the classes. This may make your decision a little easier.
    Hope I could provide some insight!
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    thx a lot for the awesome advice guys
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