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Hey guys, i'm planning to go to Curtin next year but I live quite far away and was wondering if anyone knows anything about boarding/residential life at uni? It would be nice to know what sort of rules/restrictions exist, what benefits there are and how much it costs?

Thanks all  :)


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    Hi! I am originally from Bunbury and have lived on campus at Curtin for the last 3 years. Did you have any questions in particular?
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    Hi Melinda, sorry if I have too many questions, i'm just eager for uni life. Some questions I have are:
    -What sort of rules are there?
    -How much it costs yearly and if that goes to hex debt?
    -Are there any extra bonuses (eg. gym)?
              -if so, are they any good?
    -What's the social atmosphere like?
    -Does it help with study? (does being on grounds help in any way in comparison to at home)
    -Are the rooms themselves any good? 
    -Are there any negatives?
    -Are meals provided?
    -Do you need to actually have a 'roommate'?
    -Do you think it's worth it?

    Thank you so much :)
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    Don't stress! It is a lot to get prepared for.
    Firstly there are four Villages surrounding Curtin, these are the student accommodations. Each village has different styles of living/housing. 

    - The rules are pretty standard. For example: no illicit substances, no underage drinking, no fires, no house parties. Most rules follow the law, but each village has their own special rules. 

    - You have to pay rent each semester, and no it doesn't go onto your hex debt. Most places are a couple thousand dollars per semester, but that amount depends on many factors. There are cheaper styles of housing where you share with more people, or expensive housing where you only share with a few and have more bathrooms and space etc. The rent includes all utilities, and is actually pretty reasonable for all the benefits included!

    - There are so many bonuses! In my village we get free food events all the time, sporting activities, and lots of external events! The village gets groups together and we go to advanced movie screenings, ice skating, paddle boarding, surfing and more. We also go to places like the Swan Valley, Rottnest, and many more for fun day trips! We get free parking, free Curtin Stadium gym memberships, and access to the Curtin Security team (if we don't feel like walking somewhere). I cannot stress enough how much living on campus has made my university life so bright and fun. 

    - In my village we are actively encouraged to be social and make friends. There is a relaxed atmosphere, but a happy one here too. Everyone says "hi" when you pass them, and it is very easy to make friends. Some of my closest friends are the people I have met through living on-campus. HOWEVER if you have heard about universities in Australia exhibiting toxic "fraternity" type behaviour, doing awful things like "hazing" and cruel initiations to newcomers, I can gladly tell you that this does not exist at Curtin. None of the villages have this toxic culture and we are quite proud of it. 

    - Being on campus means everything is more accessible. We are an 8 minute walk from the library, which means you have a great study environment at your fingertips. It is also great if you want to have study groups because everyone is so close! It doesn't really have a huge impact in my case, because it still comes down to your work ethic. 

    - The rooms vary in a couple of ways including storage, window size, floor space and desk space. The bigger the room, the more expensive. You don't share a room with anyone, you get your own space which is great.

    - The only real negatives are a lack of air-conditioning for the first couple of hot days in February, and some housemates can be little messy. 

    - You cook and clean for yourself in your own kitchens. However the villages do host free dinners all the time! We have pizza nights, brunches, and different cuisine nights pretty often, which is great. 

    - As I mentioned before, no you don't have a roommate, you get your own room and space. This is really good when you need some alone time. You do however, have to share bathrooms and kitchens with housemates. 

    Personally, I absolutely think on campus living is worth it. Especially coming from a regional area, there is a great deal of community support in the village. I have made best friends from all over the world and had experiences that I would have missed out on if I had not lived on campus. It made my transition to Perth easier, and improved my uni experience. 
    Whilst living on campus is not for everyone; if you don't mind living with other people, and can take care of yourself, living on campus can be the best way to maximise your uni experience. 

    If you want to look deeper into on campus accomodation, here a helpful link! ;
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    Thank you so so much Melinda! :)
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