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I'm currently in year 11 and about to pick my year 12 ATAR subjects and i have suddenly started to panic about scaling. I'm taking english, religion, methods, chemistry, and media, but I'm particularly stressed about media because its an easy subject and I feel like scaling will ruin my life. Does anyone know whether these subjects get scaled up or down? Would history or human biology be a better option? Or do they scale down as well? 

Thank you so much!


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    Hi, i'm currently in year 12 and do four of the five subjects you do. Scaling varies every year (because of how different people go in their WACE exams) and the best representation for you is just to ask your teacher what it was in previous years. Generally, easier subjects are scaled down and harder subjects are scaled up, this is to make it sort of equal for everyone.
    In your case (with my schools scaling results) English would be scaled down 2 to 4, religion would be scaled down 6, methods would either be scaled up one, two or none and has an added ten percent loading (the scaled result has one tenth of it added. eg. 70% after scaling becomes 77%), chemistry isn't scaled and media (i don't do it) is scaled down 8 to 10.

    Hope this helps :)
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    Also, History and human biology are both scaled down about 6 but aren't easy subjects to pick up in year 12
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    thank you so much!
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