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on 28/08/2018 at in  Year 10
Hi there!

I'm currently a year 10 student and soon enough, I will have to choose my subjects. In the future, I want to study in the medical field but not sure what yet.

I am considering doing 6 ATAR subjects but in my school, there are only 3 people in the year 11 and 12 group who are actually doing 6 ATAR subjects so there really isn't much opinion but they highly recommend it (yes, I have a small school!). My question is, will Modern History help with ATAR English or will I get any benefits from doing Modern History? If I don't choose modern history, should I do Maths Specialist?

I heard the workload is heavy from 6 ATAR subjects, but if I am not coping well I will drop one. All suggestions are welcome as I am new to this and would love to hear from you!! :smiley: 

The subjects I have in mind (ATAR):
Maths Methods
Human Biology
Modern History or Maths Specialist 


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    If you are good at maths then choose specialist but just saying it is a very hard course and if not choose modern history 
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    Physics is more for engineering, but would still be a valid choice if you plan to sit the GAMSAT.
    Agreed with Paramveer about Specialist, but again, that's more for engineering. However, there is the 10% bonus which would be helpful, so consider that!

    There are many students in my school who prefer to take a study period as the workload in Year 12 is very heavy and you might find that you need to drop something but can't, in 2020.
    I completed Unit 3 of a subject but ended up dropping as I found that I needed the extra time.

    But if you think that you can do it and have the necessary support from the teachers, go for it! Best of luck.
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