Any Effective English Exam Study Tips?

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on 05/09/2018 at in  English
Does anyone have any generalised study tips for a year 12 ATAR English exam.
My mock exams are in a week and then wace is coming up and would appreciate some input on any study techniques anyone else has found useful :)


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    the best way to study for english is to prepare based on the structure of the exam. 

    for comprehension, know your generic and langaage conventions, perspective and voice because it is an unseen text and you will most likely be tested on one of these elements and others.

    for responding, you'll need to have an indepth knowledge of at least 2 texts you've studied at school know the plot, characters, themes, language features etc. In this section, you should know the text well enough to answer the variety of questions about the text (eg how have filmic conventions been used to promote an issue in society, or compare how two texts have been constructed to represent a view held by society etc. ) you get the idea  :)

    and for composing, practise your story writing and persuasive writing! this means you will need to know your narrative conventions (if you choose to do a story, definitely the plot structure as you will get marked on this) and for speeches or feature articles, your rhetorical devices so you can execute these in your writing 

    additionally, expand a bit on your vocab as this will come in handy because you dont want to be using the same words over and over again, plus examiners will be impressed by that too. ( dont overload on words though, just learn like 5-10 new ones which you could use)

    AND most importantly, PAST PAPERS this means mock papers and previous wace papers. Time yourself for each section, especially COMPREHENSION as this is one of the most pressuring sections of the exam because you have to interpret texts you've never read before. its so important for you to do this. its all well and good knowing your devices  but you MUST be able to express your ideas fluently and cohesively. make the examiner's job easier by showing them you understand the text by making a valid arguement and giving consistent evidence to justify it. 
    Also, one other thing you can do, for the responding section, is make up your own questions. 
    and, instead of writing out like a full blown essay of the responding as practice, you can always write dot points of what you WOULD say if that is easier for you
    the good answers guide is also helpful! it gives you info about what exam questions may ask (eg about voice/perspective) and examples of good answers so you get some tips and also examples of what to avoid!

    i'll be doing my English mock in a week too so dont worry! i hope you do amazing and i hope this was helpful. 

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