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on 19/07/2016 at in  Exam resources

Make the most of your reading time!

Reading time is really useful as it can help you prepare for the questions you will face, plan your answers, identify easy questions etc... Make the most of the reading time with these tips below:

  • Gain an overview of the whole paper and plan whats sections you'll start on first;
  • Read through the questions carefully;
  • Work out how much time you have to complete each question/section or
  • Mark any easy questions or multiple choice answers on the paper;
  • Chose what question/s you'll answer in the long answered questions
  • Plan any long answer/essay type questions.

Reference: 'Treading Water When the Sharks are Circling; Practical Study Skills for Secondary Students' – Dr. Jim Elliot, Manager Support Services, Curtin University of Technology

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