Wanting to buy Year 11 textbooks/study guide

Posted by Studentbox user
on 05/01/2019 at in  ATAR/WACE
Hello. I'll be starting Year 11 by February and i'm just wondering if anyone (especially north of the river) is currently selling any Yr 11 ATAR textbooks or study guide for these following subjects: 

-AJ Saddler Mathematics Applications Unit 2* (Because i've bought the Unit 1 already)
-English (not sure if there are such thing as it is)

Just message me. Thank you! :)


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    edited January 30
    Now i only need AJ Saddler Math Apps Unit 2, WA ATAR Geography Unit 1 & 2 (Griffin) and Jasper Jones novel for English
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    All done. Thank you to those who helped
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