Please help (physics/econs/both?)

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on 07/01/2019 at in  ATAR/WACE
This is a long one, sorry in advance - 

So I'm going into year 12 and although it's still the holidays, I can't help but stress out on the subjects I'm going to be doing this year. I currently do 6 atar subjects, the lowest 2 being physics and econs.
I joined physics late in year 11 (end of term 1) thinking that I might've been capable of doing 6 subjects (also because I was very dissatisfied with my econs mark so I thought physics might replace it - this idea is kinda ridiculous I know). However, my end of year physics exam mark was really poor, despite getting tuition to help me out throughout the year.

I have barely managed to cope with 6 subjects in year 11, and as year 12 will be extra stressful, I feel like I need to reconsider doing these subjects. Below I have written the options I could take, and why I have hesitated to do so.
1. Drop physics - have been told I will do well as it's going to be all maths next year but I'm doubting my abilities because my math marks are quite average (I only do methods)
2. Drop econs - considered a pretty 'easy' subject by a lot of people compared to physics 
3. Keep both - might affect the grades of the rest of my subjects 
4. Keep both and drop later on if one becomes too difficult to handle - waste of time?
5. Drop both - I need at least 5 subjects because I have trust issues with myself and I'm afraid that I might mess up and have no back up

Therefore I would like some help as to which option is the best from the above.
Any opinions/advice given will be greatly appreciated, thanksss :)
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