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Setting up a study timetable helps you manage your time, visualise any exams/study you have coming up, and prioritise your time for the subjects that you need to work on more than others.

Study Timetable Tips

We've listed some tips to help you prepare your study timetable:

  • 45 minute sessions are the most effective – take a 10 minute break every 45 minutes to refresh. Try taking a walk outside to get some fresh air too.
  • Study is best done when most mentally alert - First thing in the morning or at night depending on when you focus the most (morning or night person)
  • Spend more time on the difficult subjects that you don’t like as much - you don't need as much time spent on areas you are already good at and enjoy. Spend a bit more time understanding subjects you find more difficult; it will be worth it in the end.
  • Keep a balance - include time to socialise, exercise and work you don't overload yourself with study and burn out.
  • Put it somewhere you can easily see it – Pinned to a board behind your desk, wardrobe door or the back of your bedroom door. And don’t be afraid to get creative!

Check out our study timetable template

To help you get started, download our basic study timetable template. You can update this as much as you like with different times, colours, size of columns, subjects to make it yours. Once you're done, print it out so you can keep on top of studying. Make sure you update it to reflect your own study timetable in the lead up to exams.



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