Tips for moving out of home

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Even if you live in Perth you might choose/want to move out of home for university or during university.

So we have compiled some tips and points to consider before flying the nest!

Main concerns before moving out:

  1. Not being ready
  2. Money!
  3. Flatmates being difficult

Tips to make your move successful:

  • Don't rush the decision
  • Draw up a realistic budget
  • Communicate- with flatmates, parents whoever so you are all on the same page.
  • Keep in touch- with your parents, maybe organise a dinner at home one night a week
  • Work out what is/isn't acceptable behaviour as a housemate
  • Ask for help/know there is help available!

Making a budget:

Know how much money you make, the government gives you, mum and dad will chip in whatever it is know how much you will have to start with.

  • Plan out how much you will/do spend on food a week (it adds up!)
  • Budget for bills - electricity, internet, water. (Also, check whether bills included/excluded in the rent you pay! It makes a big difference)
  • Budget for transport whether its fuel or the bus make sure you can get where you need to go.
  • This will leave you with a rough idea of how much you can afford to spend on rent

Look for a rental

  • Depending on what you are looking for and in what area rental prices will vary.
  • Note: that generally a bond of 2-4 weeks rent is required before you move in PLUS 2/4 weeks rent in   advance

When looking at a rental try and think practically about what you would need to know living there.

  • Do you share food bills/shopping, how do you split bills, do they like to stay up late at night having heaps of friends over or not. You don't want to move into a party house if you really enjoy your space and vice versa.
  • What is the deal with cleaning, washing, do they have an iron. All basic stuff you should ask your potential housemates.

If you are planning on moving out with friends, stop. Just kidding! But in all honesty sometimes living with good friends can work really well and sometimes not so well. Think about it like this, you can't escape them! So if they are a good friend that you like to see occasionally, probably don't move in with them. Also if they have very different personal habits i.e. don't clean much that can get annoying very quick too!

Signing the Lease!!!

Depending on the situation you will need to sign some sort of agreement etc. Make sure you read over it and maybe even get a parent to read it through too. Remember it is a legally binding contract don't just sign blindly.

Actually moving out/in

OK, you've done it. Now what do you need to bring?

It's a good idea to note/ask what sort of furniture you need, cooking utensils etc. Stuff you take for granted at home, like a peeler can be pretty annoying to figure out mid cooking that you don't have.

Organising your own linen, tea towel, washing detergent, toilet paper, cooking oil, spices etc adds up, so I'd say put a bit of extra money aside for that or cooking without oil might become an option. (Not fun!)

Our Top Tip!

When you first move out it's normal to have underestimated costs, a good way to deal with this is to return home for a meal or two a week (plus mum/dad will be happy to see you)

Other handy information:

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