Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness is about actively paying attention to what’s happening around you and being fully present in a single moment. It’s about acknowledging how something really makes you feel. When we’re aware of what’s going on in our lives, we feel more involved, in control, and can approach the world with a positive attitude.

Discover our online wellness resources for guided meditations, audio recordings, talks and videos from mindfulness experts.

Mindfulness colouring

Mindfulness colouring is a great way to start practicing mindful thinking. Really try to engage all of your senses and block everything else out (try not to look at your phone!). You may feel a little silly at first – how difficult can colouring in be? – but it won’t take long before your mind starts to wander. Each time it does, bring it back to the image in front of you and refocus. Before long, you will start to feel calm, more relaxed and aware of your environment and body. You’ll also have a pretty awesome drawing at the end of it, too!

These creative colouring in printouts below are a great way to start practicing mindful thinking. Print them out for your lunch break, a rainy day inside, or anytime you feel you need to take a break.



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