Current uni student stories

University can be confusing

Hear from current uni students about how they got into uni, what course they chose and why, and what they love about going to uni in Perth. Yes they are as friendly as their smiles, so ask them as many questions as you like.


Hi I'm Katherine 

I study: Primary Education at Curtin University

My uni storyWhat do I want to do with my life? Study Primary Education?

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Hi my name is Teegan 

I study: Primary Education at Curtin too!

My uni storyHello! #Unilife #PrimaryEducation

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Hi I'm Ange

I study: Civil and Construction Engineering

My uni storyChoosing to study Civil and Construction Engineering

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Hi my name is Sassi 

I study: Chemical Engineering

My uni storyThe Chem Eng Journey to Curtin

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Need some help applying for uni or choosing subjects? These guys work at Curtin and can help too.

Hi I'm Hannah

I can help you with:

  • How you can get into uni
  • Tell you what uni is like
  • Answer questions on studying Occupational Therapy

  Send Hannah a private message

  Call Hannah on 9266 1000

Hey I'm Pete

I can help you with:

  • Courses at Curtin
  • Pathways to get into a course
  • Questions about studying business


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  Call Pete on 9266 1000

If you would like more information or have suggestions for other topics we can cover get in touch with us through our contact us page.


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